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Age-appropriate pedagogies

​​​​​​​​​​Age-appropriate pedagogies are shaping teaching and learning in Prep and the early years of school now and into the future.​​​​​​
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Age-appropriate pedagogies support early years teachers to apply a range and balance of teaching approaches and characteristics of quality teaching in their classroom practice. Teachers are supported to align curriculum, age-appropriate pedagogies and assessment to maximise child​ren's engagement in learning and to enhance outcomes.

Children learn best when they are actively engaged in purposeful learning experiences. The Australian Curriculum clearly defines what is to be taught, and teachers use their knowledge of children's interests, strengths and capabilities to identify the most effective way to teach curriculum content.

In 2015, the department published the Foundation paper: Age-appropriate pedagogies for the early years of schooling. This paper presents the findings of a review of international research undertaken by Griffith University on behalf of the department. It provides the evidence base that informs teacher practice, as schools across all seven Department of Education regions enact age-appropriate pedagogies in their early years classrooms.

Since then schools have been encouraged and supported to work towards embedding age-appropriate pedagogies in their early years classrooms. Most recently, investment in a range of initiatives to support enhancing high quality, focused and relevant teaching and learning practice in early years classrooms has been a priority. Our regional leaders are working with Queensland state schools to identify the most appropriate tools, strategies and resources to support their improvement journey. This work is supporting the development of an informed and cohesive approach to teaching and learning across the state.

Greater recognition of the importance of positive connections between early childhood services and schools in supporting children's successful transition to school has led to a focus on enhancing kindergarten to Year 2 continuity and alignment.

"In 2018 the continuity of teaching and learning across kindergarten to Year 2 has been a major focus area in our efforts to provide all children with a great start to learning in the early years. Embedding age-appropriate pedagogies in our state schools provides a strong foundation for our young learners — engaging and motivating them, and supporting their learning success." Sharon Schimming, Deputy Director-General, Early Childhood and Community Engagement, Queensland Department of Education ​

For more information about age-appropriate pedagogies email the Early Learning Pathways team.

Download the documents below to learn more.

Foundation paper (PDF, 1.33MB) (DOCX, 86KB)

Foundation Paper

Foundation paper summary (PDF, 1.4MB) (DOCX, 39KB)

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Age Appropriate Pedagogies Program Progress Report 2016 (PDF, 2.5MB) (DOCX, 118KB)

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Age Appropriate Pedagogies Implementation Report 2016 (PDF, 2.67MB) (DOCX, 43.7KB)



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