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Our future state

Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities

  • Give all our children a great start
  • Create jobs in a strong economy
  • Keep Queenslanders healthy
  • Keep communities safe
  • Protect the Great Barrier Reef
  • Be a responsive government

Queensland’s future is its people. Every day the Department of Education is supporting Queenslanders to engage with our changing world.

We are connecting with families to give all children a great start to their learning journey. Setting children up for learning through strong foundations in the early years has long lasting effects. Our priority is to make sure all children have the opportunity to benefit from quality early years services and successfully transition to school.

Every day in our schools we are inspiring and challenging students to be engaged and active participants in their learning. A focus on each student, their unique needs and talents, is at the heart of our approach to support all students to grow in their learning every year. The rapid pace of change in our world is generating new social, personal and learning demands. We are responding to this change by creating inclusive school communities that nurture wellbeing and build the skills students need for their future.

The changing world is impacting every workplace in Queensland as technology drives new ways of working and new industries. For Queensland to benefit from this change our workplaces must remain fair, safe and productive. Our role in the new world of work, through the Office of Industrial Relations, is to focus on delivering contemporary regulation and industrial laws, monitoring our workplaces and communities and supporting every Queenslander to be safe at home and work.

Our greatest strength is the diversity, talent and commitment of our people. Our priority is creating positive and inclusive workplaces where everyone works together, with our stakeholders, industry and communities, to deliver a better future for all Queenslanders.

Creative, connected, engaged​

Building Queensland’s future by giving all children a great start, engaging young people in learning, and creating safe, fair workplaces and communities.


  • A great start for all children
  • Students engaged and creating their future
  • Safe, fair and productive workplaces and communities
  • Capable and confident people delivering responsive services
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Last updated
18 July 2018