Services, facilities and amenities


Essential health and wellbeing services (non-departmental employees)

Essential health and wellbeing services will continue to operate, adhering to current Queensland public health directions and standard sign-in procedures.

If restrictions, special arrangements or a school closure is in place that limit those on school sites, these services should be offered online wherever possible.

Services include dental services, School Immunisation providers, Prep Vision Screening providers, Chaplains/Student Welfare Workers, school-based Police Officers, school-based Youth Health Nurses, Youth Support Coordinators and school-based General Practitioners.

Outside school hours care and vacation care

Outside school hours care services (OSHC) and vacation care programs will continue to operate as normal. Parents should contact their OSHC service regarding drop-off and pick-up arrangements for their children.

School transport

Dedicated school transport services for students will continue to operate as normal. These services are exclusively for students travelling to and from school or activities related to outside school hours care, and to attend school sports, excursions and camps. This includes specialist school transport for students with disability in minibus and taxi services.

Physical distancing should be maintained at bus interchange locations, at pick-up and drop-off, and on other shared transport services.

Use of school facilities and amenities (playgroups facilitated by external organisations, community users, holiday programs)

Activities, such as holiday programs and playgroups facilitated by external organisations, or community users of school facilities, are permitted on school sites, unless the school is closed.

Principals must ensure these organisations are operating in line with all current Chief Health Officer directions and Queensland public health directions.

In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, Queensland Health will contact relevant community groups if they are affected. Schools will remain closed for use by community groups until advised by the principal.


During COVID normal operations, playgrounds are permitted to be used by students. Standard cleaning procedures should be followed.

Where restrictions or special arrangements limit those on school sites, only children of essential workers and vulnerable students who are on school sites for supervision are permitted to use state school playgrounds.

If a school is closed, use of state school playgrounds will not be permitted.

Provision of food/tuckshops

Standard guidelines for providing food and the operation of tuckshops should be followed.

At different operating levels, i.e. when restrictions or special arrangements are in place, additional protocols may apply, such as no buffets or sharing of implements.

​Emergency management

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) evacuation drills to occur as scheduled.

Alternative assembly points must be considered when planning for emergencies that may occur.

All emergency drills must be entered into MyHR Workplace Health and Safety ( departmental employees only).​

Last updated 27 September 2022