COVID normal


​​​​Current operational status

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COVID normal​

Queensland state schools will be operating under COVID normal conditions. However, in some circumstances, schools may be required to implement restrictions. More

Important notices:

  • ​From Friday 9 September 2022, the isolation period for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will reduce from 7 days to 5 days, as long as the person does not have any symptoms. More
  • COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required in education settings. More
  • Queensland's declared public health emergency has been extended to 11.59pm, 22 September 2022. More
  • ​Close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 must wear a face mask in schools or early childhood services. More

The following applies to all Queensland state schools and sessional kindergartens and provides guidance to inform decision-making where no restrictions, lockdowns or closures are in place.​



Topic Status
Student attendance

All students onsite. More 

Roll marking

Standard roll marking and same-day absence notification applies. More  (departmental staff only)

Staff attendance (including preservice teachers)

Onsite. When staff are absent due to illness or following Queensland Health isolation requirements, schools will make alternative arrangements and/or engage additional staff using school funds to support teaching and learning across the school.

Staff meetings


Boarding schools

Staff: Onsite
Students: Learning on site.

Parent interviews


Visitors on school sites

Physical distancing should be maintained at all times, especially at drop-off and pick-up time, in the car park, outside classrooms and at the school gate.

Topic Status
Parents and carers

Permitted on site.

Contractors and external workers

Permitted on site. School visitor sign-in arrangements must be adhered to.

Other visitors, including volunteers, religious instructors and essential health and wellbeing service providers

Permitted on site. School visitor sign-in arrangements must be adhered to.

Curriculum-based activities

Topic Status
Excursions and camps

At a Department of Education (DoE) facility: Permitted.

At a non-DoE facility: Permitted. More 

School activities (instrumental music programs, ensembles, choirs, incursions, religious instruction, dancing and physical education classes

Onsite: Permitted.

Offsite: Permitted. More 

Performances, large gatherings and whole school assemblies

Onsite: Permitted.

Offsite: Permitted. More 

School sports (intra-school, inter-school and representative school sport programs)

Onsite: Permitted.

Offsite: Permitted. More 

Distance education students attending a facility for educational purposes

Permitted. More 

Home education student gatherings

Permitted. More 

Events and functions

Topic Status
School functions

Onsite: Permitted.

Offsite: Permitted. More 

Ticketed or seated events

Permitted with 100% capacity. More 

Services, facilities and amenities

Topic Status
Essential health and wellbeing services (non-departmental employees)

Normal service provision. More 

Outside school hours care and vacation care

Normal operations. More 

School transport

Normal operations. More 

Use of school facilities and amenities (playgroups facilitated by external organisations, community users, holiday programs)

Permitted. More 


Use by students permitted. More 

Provision of food/tuckshops

Permitted. More 

Emergency management

Emergency drills as scheduled. More 

Additional COVID-19 management

Topic Status
Face masks

See face masks for more information.

Health support procedures

Standard health and hygiene protocols should be followed. See creating a COVID safe environment health procedures section for more information.

School cleaning regimes

Increased frequencies focusing on high-touch point surfaces. See creating a COVID safe environment cleaning section for more information.

Last updated 27 September 2022