Quarantine information


If a positive case of COVID-19 is identified in a school, quarantine directions may be issued by the Public Health Unit to parents and carers via the email account provided to the school. It is a legal obligation to follow the directions provided by the Public Health Unit, including the need to quarantine. The requirement to stay at home is in place immediately from the time that a person or responsible adult is advised to do so by the Public Health Unit.

Anyone required to quarantine is expected to do so at their home. However, government supported quarantine facilities may be provided in exceptional circumstances.

Stay up-to-date with the latest isolation and quarantine requirements for confirmed cases or close contacts.


​​​​​​​​Infectious case at a school

Follow the latest requirements for confirmed cases or close contacts, including isolation, quarantine and testing requirements.​

Find a COVID-19 testing centre

Find a COVID-19 testing centre​. You do not need a referral from your General Practitioner for private testing and respiratory clinics at the current time. Drive-through clinics are preferred if possible.

Quarantine even if you a​re vaccinated

Even if a close contact is vaccinated, they must still quarantine if advised to do so. Vaccination reduces your risk of getting COVID-19 and reduces your risk of severe complications and hospitalisation. However, you may still get COVID-19 once you are vaccinated and you may transmit it to others.

If you are advised by Queensland Health to quarantine, you must quarantine and follow their advice.

​​Managing shared custody childcare arrangements

Work with other parent to manage childcare and maintain contact

Things might happen during the COVID-19 pandemic that make it very hard to follow custody arrangements. For example, a child might have to go into quarantine or the arrangement might include pickup from a school that is temporarily closed.

If you or your children have been asked to quarantine or isolate, you should:

  • give the child’s other parent the instructions provided to you by the Public Health Unit
  • tell the other parent when you expect the period of self-isolation to end
  • make sure the other parent can contact the child another way, e.g. by phone or video chat
  • try to work out how the children can have make-up time with the other parent once you are out of isolation or quarantine.

If the other parent needs to quarantine and the children are with you, the children should remain with you for as long as the other parent remains in quarantine.

​​Support during quarantine

Find inform​​ation for help and support

If you need further information about quarantine​ or COVID-19, please call 13HEALTH (phone: 13 43 25 84).

Look out for ​each other

This is a difficult time for communities affected by COVID-19. Please remember to look out for each other and to show courtesy and respect toward others. The department has a range of resources available to support parents, students and schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, including when in quarantine. This includes contact details for a number of services that can support health and wellbeing.

Find information about financial assistance

During your quarantine, if you require financial support, please explore the following resources:

Last updated 17 January 2022