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Kindness is contagious at Redlynch State College

It’s a big school but it’s the small random acts of kindness (RAK) that are shaping Redlynch State College’s reputation in the Far North Queensland community.

Kindness is definitely contagious at this thriving school of more than 1,800 students. Students and staff alike have caught the RAK bug and it is quickly spreading through the school culture.

Executive principal Tony Fuller said the school had wholeheartedly embraced the Random Acts of Kindness project that began earlier this year.

“It began as a project to help to instil and promote a sense of citizenship within our students and teach them how great it feels to do something for someone else,” Tony said.

“But it has become much more than that. Everyone at the school has embraced the idea of helping one another and celebrating the little things – the message has even spread beyond the school gates with local businesses getting involved.

“It’s made our students think about how they can be better people. It’s made them feel good. 

“Initially the project was intended for our students but before long college staff were also participating.”

Tony said hundreds of acts of kindness had been carried out since the program started.

“We’ve had our Preps become kindness fairies complete with wands delivering flowers and cards, students delivering care packages to sick friends, and students singing to teachers – it’s been a wonderful experience,” he said.

At the beginning of the project students were issued a RAK card that was given to the recipient of the kind gesture, recipients were then encouraged to pay it forward.

The success of the project has seen it incorporated in the primary campus’ personal growth program reflecting the character strength 'kindness' and secondary students will continue to participate in a RAK-inspired unit through their classes.

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Last updated
18 November 2019