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Woree High students navigate future with SchoolTech

​The virtual classroom at TAFE Queensland, Cairns campus

​The storm is fast moving. What started out as a quiet afternoon navigating a fishing trawler has, for these Woree State High School students, turned swiftly into a major test of their skill.

As the rising swell slams the trawler's bow deep into each oncoming wave, the students must draw upon all they have learnt to keep the vessel from capsizing.

Fortunately, not only are the students trained to cope with these conditions, the scenario is a learning tool with both the trawler and storm created within a realistic, virtual classroom.

Large wall-mounted screens trick our senses so it feels like we are on a boat with the floor lifting on each wave, explains Principal Bruce Houghton.

"This technology allows the students to experience realistic situations in a safe environment. The teachers can change the conditions, the weight of the catch (simulate real life scenarios) and the students use their learning to make decisions," Mr Houghton said.

Today the students are involved in maritime operations training, one of the options available through SchoolTech. This joint initiative between TAFE Queensland Cairns campus, Woree State High School, Great Barrier Reef International Marine College and Skill360 Australia provides an innovative option for school-based vocational training. 

"The SchoolTech partnership allows our students to gain real-world skills by participating in work placement and working with industry-standard training facilities, equipping them to take their place in our modern day workforce," Mr Houghton said.

To find out more visit Woree State High School.

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Last updated
30 April 2019