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TREEmendous the musical is a tremendous hit

​Bardon State School cast and crew celebrating the "TREEmendous" success of the first school musical.​

​​​Lights, camera, action! Students at Bardon State School have had a tremendous experience putting on an original musical written by staff at the school.

300 students performed in the musical that celebrates the Bardon community and local environment, especially the tree-lined streets.

Principal of Bardon State School Sharni Tomkins said the entire school community had been involved in TREEmendous, the first musical the primary school has ever put on.

"It is a delight ​to celebrate Bardon State School’s 70th anniversary with  a showcase of talent, creativity and team spirit in the schools very first musical,” Mrs Tomkins said.

“Staff and parents pitched in and helped with writing, painting, stitching and gluing costumes and props.

“The stars of the show, our students, absolutely loved the opportunity to perform and it has increased student confidence and self-esteem by giving them an opportunity to shine on stage,” she said.

“I’d encourage other primary schools to think about organising a whole-school production; the community and sense of shared success is amazing.”

Kate, a parent at the school said her children had a wonderful experience that they would not forget.

“It was fabulous! My kids loved it and said on the way home on the final night that they wished they could perform it all over again!” Kate said.

For more information on the school​ ​visit the Bardon State School website.

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Last updated
07 November 2018