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Year 11 student publishes debut novel

Georgia Wright with her first published book

Year 11 student and proud author, Georgia Wright, with her first published book, Love Hurts.

Two hundred and fifty-five pages, 17 chapters, two years of writing, one year of editing. It takes enormous dedication and talent to write your own novel, and at only 16-years-of-age, Wavell State High School student Georgia Wright has already published her first book, Love Hurts.

Reading and storytelling has always been a huge part of Georgia's life, so it was no surprise when she began writing her first young adult fiction novel in Year 8.

'I spent my childhood being completely gobsmacked at an author's ability to rip me out of reality and take me on a journey through their made-up worlds,' Georgia said.

'I remember thinking to myself as a six-year-old, 'When I grow up, I'm going to do that too. I'm going to be an author. And I never looked back.'

'When I found out I was being published, I was over the moon and it took a while for it to sink in.'

'Getting my hands on my own book probably felt similar to a woman holding her newborn child for the first time!'

Georgia's school community has given her lots of encouragement from the get-go, with many of her school friends and teachers cheering along her efforts.

'It always puts a smile on my face when someone asks for an autographed copy as if I'm the next JK Rowling,' Georgia said.

'One of my school librarians, Ms Louisy, has been particularly supportive and set up a display in our school library, and my former English teacher now ancient history teacher, Ms Hart, saw my potential early on and pushed me to improve.'

Wavell State High School offers a number of programs and subject options to help students find their passion.

'In Years 8 and 9, I participated in a program at school called Just Write, which helps students to improve their creative writing,' Georgia said.

'I believe this program, amongst other writing workshops Wavell have invited me to over the years, helped me a lot.'

So what's next for Georgia? She is already writing her next novel—a fantasy, adventure tale—and plans to study creative writing at university when she graduates.

For more information about Georgia's book, visit the InHouse Publishing website.

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Last updated
07 October 2020