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Rolleston students make every container count

​Rolleston State School students with some of their containers for recycling

Students and parents at Rolleston State School are on track to raise a staggering $28,000 each year, just by recycling rubbish.

According to P&Cs Queensland, the school, in partnership with Takarakka Bush Resort, has recycled 50,000 containers – making it the largest single return by a school through the container refund scheme.

School Principal Michele Krause praised the school's 14 staff, 65 students and their families for embracing the recycling revolution by turning trash into treasure, and for giving a massive boost to the school's fundraising efforts.

"We recycle our poppers daily and the children are very enthusiastic about doing it," Ms Krause said.

"This alone can raise from $50 to $100 each week through the refund scheme.

"Local business Takarakka Bush Resort allows us to take and sort their glass, cans and plastic which parents then pick up and sort into pods before it's transported to Emerald or Blackwater for processing.

"We are very grateful to have so many parents and businesses donating time, fuel and labour to help us tap into this large-scale recycling to raise funds for the school."

Since November 2018, the school has raised around $7,000 and hopes to raise this amount each term.

While the money raised from recycling poppers is set aside to pay for student rewards or events, all other money raised goes to activities such as student trips.

"There's a range of things we want to ensure our students have access to the same opportunities children in larger schools have," Ms Krause said.

"Some of the money raised from recycling has gone towards the cost of a Canberra trip for Year 4, 5 and 6 students, which is fantastic.

"We're also working on building a larger covered outdoor area that can be used by students when it's raining or just too hot for outdoor play.

"And there's also a planned extension for the outdoor sports shed – so lots of things are in the pipeline," she said.

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Last updated
08 October 2019