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Ready Reading boosting student success

​Belmont State School student with Ready Reading volunteer Rob Rodgers

Olivia from Belmont State School is one of many Queensland students reaping the benefits of the Ready Reading program.

Receiving additional reading support from volunteer Rob Rodgers 2 days per week, Olivia is able to practise and develop her reading skills.

Through trained volunteers like Rob, the Ready Reading program enables students to engage with texts on a one-to-one basis with a supportive adult.

Having joined the original Ready Reading program in 2011, Rob continues to volunteer at Belmont State School in 2019.

Rob said engaging a student within the first few moments helps to build rapport and empathy.

"Having built a rapport with the students I am supporting, it's then easy to get them to interact with the books and enjoy the process of reading," Rob said.

Michele Sinclair, Head of Student Support at Belmont State School, introduced the Ready Reading program in 2011 and, with the full support of Principal Anthony Palmer, has continued to work with trained Ready Reading volunteers to assist students' reading.

"At Belmont State School, teachers observe and quantify specific reading behaviours to assess a student's reading skills, and then use this data to plan instruction," Michele said.

"We use the data across the school to monitor student reading progress and identify the need for targeted support.

"The Ready Reading program is highly valued in providing this targeted support in the early years," she said.

Olivia's mother, Kylie Stein, said: "I cannot thank Anthony, Michele, Rob and all of the staff at Belmont State School enough for providing my daughter with the additional support she needed to improve her reading skills."

For more information or to volunteer visit Ready Reading program.

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30 April 2019