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Orientation signs lead school in the right direction

​Narbethong State Special School student.

For students with vision impairment, adequate signage can significantly increase student independence in getting around school.

Narbethong State Special School has recently developed a new set of signs that will enable students to find their way around school more easily.

"Orientation and Mobility O&M is about knowing where you are in an area and moving purposefully so that you can get where you want to go safely" Ms Angela Hallam Acting Head of Curriculum, Narbethong State Special School said.

"As part of our curriculum, students learn O&M to develop their understanding and increase access to their learning environments.

"We have recently designed and installed brailled, tactile and high-contrast signs around the school to assist students with orientation and mobility and devel​op a common language for spaces and places, particularly classrooms.

"We decided on the theme of 2D shapes to add a numeracy element to the language and learning.

"These signs were placed in areas where students who are in wheelchairs would also be able to reach them and use them effectively.

"We are holding a "treasure hunt" for students to explore the new signs and learn the new room names and will use sensory and environmental clues about where the signs are."

More information is available on the Narbethong State Special School website.
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Last updated
28 August 2018