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Munching and crunching at Coombabah State School

Fruit and vegetables are the snack of choice for students at Coombabah State School

Students at Coombabah State School are munching and crunching on healthy snacks during their morning session to boost their energy levels and help them focus on their studies.

Year 3 teacher Julieann Riches said it has become part of their morning routine as it increases their concentration and participation in lessons.

'It gives them a bit of a break and I usually share a book and continue teaching while the students are eating,' Mrs Riches said.

Families provide healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, which support the Smart Choices strategy for healthy food and drink supply. Snacks also need to be practical and easy to consume in a short time frame as it is only a 5-minute break.

With sustainability in mind, students are also encouraged to use containers rather than plastic food wrapping.

P&C Vice President and parent Shelley Curtis is a great advocate for Munch and Crunch.

'My kids like the novelty of eating in their classroom and I know that they are getting an extra serve of fruit each day,' Mrs Curtis said.

Teachers at Coombabah State School often couple this with a brain break—a 2-minute activity that incorporates physical movement into their lesson, such as practising their multiplication tables with clapping.

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Last updated
25 November 2019