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Manly West gets three new principals for a day

(Top row left to right)—Principal Lisa Morrison, Bruce Morcombe (bottom row left to right)—Denise Morcombe and Year 2 student Harper Keirnan.

​Manly West State School Principal Lisa Morrison got some extra help running the school thanks to not one, but three temporary new principals recently.

Year 2 student Harper Keirnan was selected to be ‘principal’ as part of the Department of Education’s Community Principal program.

The role proved to be varied and busy and saw Harper involved in a wide-range of school activities from leading the school parade to presenting awards in assembly and undertaking playground duty.

Harper said she had really enjoyed being a principal.

“We were asked to submit an application to be a Student Community Principal and my application was chosen.

“I’ve enjoyed everything in this role and the best part was handing out more than 70 achievement awards to my friends and school classmates. I might like to be a real principal in the future,” she said.

Harper was joined by honorary principals Denise and Bruce Morcombe from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation who visited the school to deliver important safety messages to the students as well as taking part in class visits, Prep playground duty and an information sharing session with school staff.

As part of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s educational outreach work, Denise and Bruce Morcombe shared vital information and advice with all students around keeping safe in both physical and online environments. The students wore red in support of Day for Daniel.

Bruce Morcombe said it was important for all young people to be educated around the three key safety messages—recognise, react and report - recognising situations that don’t feel right, reacting and removing themselves from potentially unsafe situations and reporting these situation to a trusted adult.

“We visit schools all over Queensland to deliver these important safety messages to young people. We were delighted to visit Manly West State School after receiving an inspirational invitation from one of the school captains,” he said.

“During our time at the school we also enjoyed our roles as Community Principals and presented lots of good behaviour awards to Prep students during their playtime.”

The Community Principal program aims to connect community leaders with schools with the dual purpose of allowing schools to showcase some of the exceptional work that they do while providing schools with the opportunity to learn from role models in the wider community.

Find out more about the Community Principal program.

To find out more about and to access resources from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, please visit Daniel Morcombe Foundation website.

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Last updated
11 February 2020