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Lawnton State School dreams big

​Lawnton State School students are learning to Dream Big with the launch of a new motivational campaign at the school

​What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut, brain surgeon, pop star or a market-disrupting entrepreneur?

Lawnton State School recently asked that question of their 4–12 year old students.

Over the past few weeks, the school has put out the challenge far and wide to gain the support of at least 50 celebrities to encourage students at their school to dream big and not limit themselves.

Well-known names and community members alike have been invited to record and post a video with #dreambiglawntonss.

Deputy Principal Stuart Hovey explained #dreambiglawntonss was a great way to get the community involved, build momentum and create awareness of the motivational campaign the school had developed to inspire the students.

"Through #dreambiglawntonss we hope to encourage each and every student to believe in themselves," Mr Hovey said.

"We wanted a vehicle to reinforce that message and this campaign – through the video posts – have helped the school realise its dream of inspiring every student at the school.

"So far we have had 36 celebrities including TV personality Doctor Chris, and 97.3 and Hit 105 radio presenters.

"We have a target of 50 big names from all over Australia and maybe even abroad."

Mr Hovey added that whole aim behind the campaign was to get students to think outside of the box about their future selves and careers.

"Students will view these videos on the student portal and they will give them that little boost when they need it, or when they are having a bad day – it's just a really nice way for the kids to realise that everyone has dreams and others will believe in them if they believe in themselves," he said.

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Last updated
07 May 2019