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Curiosity rules in Bray Park State School Prep class

Play-based investigations promote creativity, curiosity and imagination at Bray Park State School

The room is alive with engaged chatter, exploration and curiosity. A classroom transformed into colourful, inviting learning spaces. A variety of investigation areas offer hands-on creative exploration.

A group of students problem solve with mud and paint, a large wooden car provides opportunities for collaborative play, a vertical block city is in careful construction.

One student looks around for inspiration, finding words for each letter of the alphabet, studiously writing on a small whiteboard, another captures each moment on an iPad, journaling the process for a later report.

At each stage the teacher, teacher aide and parent volunteers are on hand to support, guide and extend learning.

Welcome to a Bray Park State School Prep class. This is the Walker Learning Approach—where play-based investigations promote creativity, curiosity, imagination and scope for children to invent, explore, and problem solve.

Sharon Hoisser, Head of Curriculum, explains the benefits of the approach which has been implemented at the school since 2014.

'We have found a marked increase in student engagement; our students are writing more and we’ve seen improvements in oral language ability,' Sharon said.

'This type of learning helps us to meet the learning needs of each student as it caters for a range of abilities and developmental stages, and is personalised to their interests.'

'It is a delight to watch the students’ ideas grow and develop as they work together to create or make. As a teacher it is rewarding linking play to explicit teaching, making the learning more meaningful for students,' adds Prep teacher, Alana Wright.

'Most of all we all love seeing the smiles on their faces as they enjoy learning.'

Visit Bray Park State School website for more information.

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Last updated
28 January 2020