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Building the entrepreneurs of tomorrow through STEM

​Spinifex State College: building the entrepreneurs of tomorrow through STEM​

The Department of Education is dedicated to advancing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in Queensland’s State Schools.

STEM touches every aspect of today’s world and the innovations that emerge from these fields underpin Queensland’s economy. Our challenge is to ensure that we prepare our students for all of the opportunities that this offers.

One of the ways the department is building ‘the entrepreneurs of tomorrow’ is through partnerships with industry such as the Queensland Mineral and Energy Academy (QMEA).

Spinifex State College, located in Mount Isa in North-West Queensland, is one of the schools taking advantage of QMEA’s training. During the month of May, Spinifex State College students attended a STEM and Toolkit 4 Kids workshop run by the QMEA.

Mr Phil Sweeney, Principal of Spinifex State College said that during the QMEA workshops students were able to get first-hand experience in a career in the mineral and energy industry.

“Throughout the workshop, students were able to experience life as a tradesperson by completing a series of practical activities such as welding and small engine rebuilds,” Mr Sweeney said.

“Students were also given the opportunity to network with mineral and energy industry professionals, allowing them to gain a better understanding of specific roles and different career paths available within this sector.

“Through partnerships and on-the-job training with leading industry bodies such as the QMEA, Spinifex State College students are one step closer to being the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and taking on the jobs of the future.”

About Spinifex State College

Spinifex State College is committed to being recognised as a high performing school. The college values each individual learner and supports hard work, dedication, innovation, creativity and the pursuit of success through individual pathways and personalised learning.

The school is proud of the quality curriculum programs that are offered and the excellent results achieved. Each year students who aspire to tertiary education achieve excellent results due to the support and readiness programs run by the school. Students who aspire to transition into work or VET training benefit from the close links with TAFE and industry.

The strong links with Mount Isa Mines - Copper and Zinc Assets, QMEA and other businesses have led to many authentic learning opportunities to prepare students for their cho​sen post-school pathways. This includes school-based apprenticeships, work experience and guest speakers. Spinifex State College students are encouraged to work hard and achieve their best. For more information visit the Spinifex State College website​.​

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22 August 2018