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Budding student editor today, future writer tomorrow!

Matthew Welch (left) with teacher/author James Lindsay.​

​​​​​For Centenary State High School student Matthew Welch, getting hands on with literacy doesn’t come much better than getting to read and edit a novel by a locally renowned author before it’s even published!

Matthew is one of a handful of students who has been playing an important role in reviewing and editing the manuscript for the latest edition to the Plato Wyngard adventure series - ​the Guild of Wolves which is aimed at early teens.

“I think that it is a great opportunity for the author to get feedback from young people who will actually be reading the book. For me, as a keen reader, one of the best bits was just being able to get a new book to read and I particularly love the adventure and magic of the fantasy book genre,” Matthew said.

“It’s been great seeing how an author thinks and develops a storyline and the whole editing experience has helped me to understand the processes of writing a book and in doing so has greatly improved my own writing.

Being an author in the future would probably be my dream job. However, at the moment, it just feels pretty good to have an editing credit in the book and see the draft that I originally read months ago now actually published and available for others to enjoy!”

The Guild of Wolves is James Lindsay’s first novel co-authored alongside his brother Marc and the third book in the Plato Wyngard series. James is also a teacher at Jamboree Heights State School and is passionate about writing and reading.

“Kids are clever readers and involving them early in my writing means that I get authentic and honest feedback so their reviews and comments have helped me to pick up character deficiencies and small plot holes and also help me to judge if the pace of my writing is ok,” James said.

“There are many benefits to engaging young readers, I’ve seen first-hand how it makes them more analytical by thinking about what they are reading and why.

I find that being a teacher is beneficial to my writing in many ways. For example, I teach structure and figurative writing to my students and therefore have a good grounding for putting these elements in place in my books. I also find that when I deconstruct good writing in class then it is great for me to see what it is that makes a piece of writing really strong.”

To find out more about James Lindsay’s Plato Wyngard series, visit​.

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Last updated
23 October 2018