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Accepting the sizzling solar oven challenge

​Woorabinda State School students lining the inside of the Solar Oven with black paper

The plan: Transform a special education unit into a solar oven laboratory.
The challenge: Build a solar oven that creates enough heat to cook rice.
The result: The oven increased in temperature from 26° to 62°C in 35 minutes.
The celebration: A fried rice feast for all the community to share!

Students and parents from Woorabinda State School discovered just how much fun science could be, coming together recently to transform the special education unit into a solar oven laboratory during National Science Week.

A solar oven is a cooking appliance that runs entirely on solar energy. It contains mini-solar or photovoltaic panels to collect and absorb heat energy from the sun. Using this heat, the oven can cook almost any type of food.

"The 3-day project, titled Sizzling Solar Ovens, combined scientific ideas about how the sun's energy can be used to create heat, maths knowledge relating to measurement, and the technology skills of building and design following the design thinking process," explained Woorabinda State School teacher, Michelle Hall.

"Using recycled materials and working in teams, the students presented their best solar oven to the school at the end of the second day.

"This fun science project taught the students and parents the value of solar ovens, particularly in a remote place like Woorabinda where it gets very hot in summer."

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Last updated
01 November 2019