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A school for generations…

​Past students Miss Lolita Parmenter (right), her mother Debbie Parmenter (left), and grandfather Vince Parmenter (centre) at Bardon State School

Over 50 years a school changes, but one thing that has remained constant is the love for a school one Brisbane family has shared over three generations.

The Parmenter family of Bardon have a very special link to Bardon State School — all their formative years were spent in the same school.

Vince was the first of the Parmenter clan to attend the school in 1952 when it was formally known as Bardon Infant School and held classes from Prep to Year 2.

"In 1974, I enrolled my daughter Debbie, and other four children, at Bardon State School where they all attended until graduating and moving on to high school," Mr Parmenter said.

Once Debbie had children of her own, she also enrolled all five of them, including Lolita Parmenter, at the school.

Lolita started Year 1 at Bardon in 2003, with the adored Miss May, in what are now the Prep classrooms.

After seven enjoyable years at Bardon State School, Lolita went on to graduate high school and begin her primary teaching degree.

Ten years after leaving Bardon, Lolita Parmenter is now teaching Years 5 and 6 and enjoying the return to such a friendly and innovative school.

"I knew I wanted to return to my old primary school and begin teaching the new generation of Bardon State School students," Ms Parmenter said.

"Being back at Bardon State School as a teacher has really opened my eyes to the changes that have happened over the years, it's just really great being here as a teacher and being able to share my family's passion for the school," she said.

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03 June 2019