Speak app

Speak app

​​​​​​​The ability to communicate effectively through speaking and listening is essential for a child and builds a strong foundation for successful learning.

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SPEAK (Speaking Promotes Education And Knowledge) provides lots of fun, free activities, ideas and information for parents, carers and educators to support and nurture language development in children from 0 to 6 years of age. There are multiple activities within each age group to help boost your child's speaking and listening ability.

The information and activities were developed by the department with the hel​p of speech pathologists, educators and health professionals.

SPEAK is for everyone who wants the best start in life for their child and provides a fun, convenient way to make chatter matter!

For more information, download the SPEAK fact sheet (PDF, 376 KB).

Recent updates

January 2015 - Improvements have been made to the general look and feel of the SPEAK mobile application for Android devices.

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14 October 2020